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”L’homme est né libre, et partout il est dans les fers.”
”Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”
-Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Some interesting developments are happening in your career or how you are seen in the world. You now have a pretty clear idea of who is on your side, and who will help you further yourself and your work. The New Moon on the 8th of February connects you to your friends and the groups you mingle with. Doors are opening if you are willing to intertwined your fate with the folks who think like you. You have the skills and the avant-garde visions; you might be asked to take part in a group collective and teach what you know. There is also the possibility of a conflict between your ambitions and your personal life, as the responsibilities start piling up. There could be issues or fears around money and how you make it. That which ties you to others loom large this month; you might also have to face issues of shared resources or finances. In the second half of February, there is an opportunity to find inspiration and renewal through solitude or meditation. The Full Moon on February 22nd illuminates any dependency or addictions you might be struggling with; your focus turns toward healing any long-standing issues. Make your body a priority. Detoxify and rid yourself of any self-defeating behaviour that keep you from feeling whole. Jupiter has your back.


Your beliefs have been under incredible transformation. You have been slowly getting rid of assumptions, political views or teachings, that you’ve held on to, as you realise they are not serving you anymore. All of these considerations are giving you fresh perspectives and new philosophies to contemplate; it’s also allowing you to see new possible ways you could put them to good use. We could call this process: ”the creative reform”. The repercussions of your creative reform will be mirrored in all facets of your life. You will start seeing new roads toward places you can’t even begin to imagine. Taureans are known for being stubborn and single-minded, but it couldn’t be further from the truth at the moment. An iconoclast is hiding within you and is starting to make itself known. We are still in the early stages – you might have to stick to conventions for now. The New Moon on February 8th is asking you to integrate your recent ideas and visions to your career and to a larger extent your community. This looks like an excellent month to think about furthering yourself in your chosen path. You might feel like you can take on all the work by yourself, but by the end of the month, you will realise the important role people around you play in your success. Give thanks and acknowledge the support you’ve received in implementing your ideas. The Full Moon on February 22nd will illuminate the way you handle stress and the impact on your body. You might be curious about alternative or innovative trends in the holistic world. It could also be that you feel a need to detoxify and rejuvenate your body. Listen to what comes up.


Your obligations and responsibilities towards others is still being felt heavily this month. However, your ruler Mercury, now direct after being retrograde for most of January, allows you to look towards the future. You should really start feeling the ease flowing back into your life mid-month. Your gaze is on the distant horizon and possible new ventures. You could feel a need to break from the beaten path. Your career also needs to be addressed; you might be giving a lot more than what you are getting in return. At this point, you should ask yourself if it’s worth the sacrifices. There could be some stress around money, other people’s assets, and taxes. Make sure to give yourself ample space to decompress at home and consciously release stress and tension. The New Moon, on February the 8th connects you to higher learning, dreams, journeys or distant travels. It is a good time to set in motions long-term ventures that will help you broaden your horizon. Explore new ideas and concepts. You might also be asked to share what you know with a group of people; this could take place over the internet. By the end of the month, you should have a clear idea of where to invest your energy in the coming months. You will also have a clearer sense of where you need to make yourself and your wellbeing a priority.


The contracts, agreements and the work attached to obligations are strongly highlighted this month. Your wishes have been granted and you now have to deliver the goods. Lucky for you, your creative reservoir is bursting at the seams. Some folks might wonder how you do it, but you wont give your secrets away. One thing is certain: you have many tricks up your sleeve that are helping you succeed where so many failed. You could also give thanks to Mars in Scorpio, who is in partly responsible for fueling your engine at the moment. You are walking on a sharp edge that is directly connected to your career. You are also getting a lot of inspiration from the small details of everyday life: rejoice! You don’t get the creative juices flowing by indulging in front of the tv like a beached whale. You get it by rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty; and that is exactly what you have been doing. You could say that the wisdom you have acquired in the bottom of your own darker corners is finally being integrated in healthy ways. If you don’t harness all the stamina in your creative pursuit, you could find your sex drive increased or, at worst you might become edgy and argumentative. If possible, defuse the tension in your personal relationships. Acknowledge your needs and the needs of your partner; and notice that it all originates from the same flame. You are too busy to be fussing over trivial details anyway.


The New Moon on February the 8th is in your house of partnership. It serves as a kind of reset button. Set your intentions around your relationships and what you expect from them. Let yourself be seen by others and reach out. Unexpected but fated encounters are very likely this month if you step out of your comfort zone. I realize that this might be easier said then done. How can you go about impleting new ways of doing things when you are so busy with the daily grind? Well, it starts with staying open to new encounters: people who could bring a lot of creative freshness, the ones we sometime label weirdos – artist, rebels, inventors or mad-scientist types. The current tensions you are feeling are mainly connected to the struggle between your need for unrestrained explorations and the obligations that are weighing you down. In other words, the battle between two very dissonant urges. By teaming up with others, you will be able to find some novel ideas and new perspectives. The Full Moon on the 22nd of February is in your house of material resources. It could clarify the things that are available to you, and how you can put them to good use. You will understand the sort of initiatives needed on your part to get where you want to be. Get in touch with your core motivations. What is driving you? What do you need? Exorcise your impatience by getting to the roots of your ambitions. Get feedback from others on your role and responsibilities. Then you can choose which road you want to take with a clearer sense of direction.


The darkness that has emerged in the last few months should be seen as a creative process. To touch others, one must have the necessary depth and the wisdom. That is, to some extent, the process you have gone through. By digging deep into your core, you have retrieved some pretty powerful stuff; and this process is not over. The romance or playfulness you are craving might not be forthcoming, but you are at the moment, one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. Everyone has had to work hard to exorcise their demons, some more than others. With Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in your sign until September, you can definitely count on some positive development in the near future. Here is the thing: Jupiter is currently moving backward through your sign until the second week of May as part of its retrograde cycle. You might not feel the blessings of the great benefactor quite yet, but he is working his magic backstage, and you are too. In astrology, it is widely understood that easy aspects or planets that are deemed beneficial are not always positive. Why is that? Because when things are easy, we usually take it for granted. You have until May, to train in becoming a grateful recipient of all the positive things that are happening, or that will happen to you. Part of your homework for the next few months is to learn to see and use opportunities that might not seem like opportunities, to your advantage. Develop an optimistic gaze; see the good in others; spot the silver lining; become a faithful devotee of chance; trust the outcome. Don’t take the gifts you receive for granted. The Full Moon on February 22nd is in Virgo. Expect some clarity around partnership.


Libra, you have hosted some interesting guests into your very private quarters in the past month or so. Their visit has prompt you to clean up all of your blind spots—the ones you can’t see everyday, where dust builds up. Some of the clutter has been family mementos you are holding on to for no reason except a sense of burdensome responsibility. This process felt scary at first but quickly turned into a catharsis. And now you can feel the spaciousness and ease that is slowly permeating through all the aspects of your life. All you had to do was be willing to shine the light in the attic for a moment to see the “monsters” for what they really are: a pile of old insecure rubbish that you have outgrown. There might still be some boxes in your basement that needs sorting, but at least you are aware of it. They say ignorance is bliss but, in your case, knowledge is power. The New Moon on the 8th is a push that can help you innovate in a project you are working on. Be alert for ingenious ideas that seem to pop out of nowhere. Listen to the iconoclast in you, the one who doesn’t want to do things like everyone else. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 22nd will prompt you to find solitude and tranquility. Retire from the world for a moment, maybe finish cleaning up your basement.


The first 2 weeks of February continue to be about clarifying your message. The way others receive what you have to say, the methods you use to communicate and the meaning behind what you are trying to convey was a big part of January. Studying the way others have communicated in the past might help inspire you to reform the way you use language and words. With Mars transiting in your sign for a good part of the year, you could appear a lot more pushy or combative than you really are. You don’t want to start an argument, you just know what you know—you know what you want and you want it now. The New Moon on February 8th prompts you to deal with family matters or your home front, and the material resources available to you. You are craving independence and self-sufficiency: set you intentions and get to work. Expect a tidal wave of inspiration to flow in around mid-month and make sure you capitalize on it. Deal with any fears associated with your powerful creative urges. Find allies that will help you further yourself and your creative projects. You have so many resources available to you at the moment; you just need to be willing to put in the extra hours.


The material resources available to you at the moment seem to be in a state of flux. Your income or the way you make money had to be reviewed or reformed in the last few months. You are now starting to feel the repercussions of these changes. It looks like you have a lot of work on your plate, and a lot of inspiration to get down to business. The New Moon on February 8th is a reset button in regards to the way you communicate. You are now in a place where you could teach what you know, if you don’t already. Another big theme coming up for you is connected to your sense of authority. Have you ever considered passing on your knowledge or mentoring? I think you know enough in your field of expertise to consider the option of taking students or apprentices or to work on your current projects. The Full Moon of February 22nd will highlight a sort of dichotomy between your place in the world and your inner sanctuary. Confusion on the home front is very possible in the second half of the month and you could find solace if you step outside, walk around, and talk to people in your neighbourhood. In the last week of February, there is an opportunity to clarify an issue or misunderstanding around boundaries and personal space. You should feel confident enough to bring up the conversation and find a solution.


As you go about your business this month Capricorn, I want you to contemplate this famous quote from the Greek philosopher Plato: ”The measure of a man is what he does with power.” Such a simple statement but in reality, very hard to put into practice, especially when we are asked to step up in a leadership role. Of course most Capricorn will say it is their natural birth right since they are after all one of the most competent sign of the zodiac. The problem arises when other people start relinquishing their own authority and look to you for answers. What do you do with the heavy responsibilities that are handed down to you by others? How do you handle problems that are not your own? Now would be a good time to reflect on your place in the world and how you go about using your powers. Venus in Capricorn until mid-month will give you a good balance between social grace and getting what you want. The New Moon on February 8th is a fantastic reset in regards to finances. Find new ways of generating revenue, and look for the trend setters that could help you innovate. You have a lot of resources available to you at the moment, capitalize on what you have. The Full Moon on February 22nd highlights your learning journey; take stock and adjust your sails.


Aquarius remains the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. It is not that you are inaccessible; in fact, you are very much a social creature, but your mind dwells where not many people dare to venture. You are not bound by time in a mundane sense; but time is the thread that leads you to perceive future realities. Your gaze is set on the multiple possibilities that would allow you to reform our social mores and align them with your vision of the future. In a sense, time allows you to experience the future. Society needs people like you to move us forward and help us break free from the stale structures. It is so easy for you to see solutions for the problems that plague modern society that you wonder sometimes why people are still so archaic. The good news is that this is your time of the year. The New Moon on February 8th is in your sign and it is in some ways a new start for you. Forget about the projects that didn’t reach what you had envisioned. The future is now. Saturn, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, will be in Sagittarius until December 2017. This is your cue to reform some of your beliefs and philosophies. If you are still holding on to dated misconceptions about what you want, what you are or what you want to be, now is a great time to let them go. You are ripe for a new vision.


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward
My father is a Pisces and a guitar maker or luthier. Growing up I spent many hours in his shop looking around at all the exotic woods and little drawers filled with pieces of bones, shells, tagua nuts and ornamented guitar keys that would later become part of an instrument. He probably kept a watchful eye on me, but I felt like I had free reign to play around and explore. He would let me use his band saw to cut pieces of wood that I would turn into jewelry, giving me tips but also letting me make mistakes. Sometimes he would give me a small job, but it never felt like it an obligation. To this day, there is always an ”aprentice” in his orbit and through the years many young artist have adopted him as a sort of ”spiritual father”. As a Pisces, you hold a key to the mysteries of life that make others want to be close to you. You naturally take people under your wing without questioning their intentions which in turn makes them feel accepted. Your deep understanding of pain and struggle allows you to have compassion for everyone and this is a true blessing. Make sure you do the same for yourself as you come to the end of the yearly cycle and are about to celebrate another trip around the Sun. Have patience with yourself and for your perceived flaws and imperfections. Acknowledge your wounds and give yourself the compassion and acceptance you would give someone else.


Image of a graffiti by English-based artist Banksy


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