Tarot Monday


It’s ‪#‎tarotmonday‬!

The card I picked to start the week is from the Celestial Tarot deck.

The Four of Cups: ~Serpens~

The Four of Cups is represented by the constellation Serpens, the heavenly serpent, which embodies the profound mysteries of healing. The Four of Cups suggests there are feelings needing to be confronted. Unattended feelings from the past feed suspicion and insecurity and without facing them they fester and become toxic. The Four of cups is the snake, the soul’s surrogate, offering us the homeopathic remedy to heal the wound we must acknowledge it.

This card represent a period of self-reflection and going within after a difficult situation. It also suggest to stay open to new possibility and at its worst, this can a represent a time when we are either aloof of too self-absorbed to seize opportunities that are being offered to us.

It is a time of meditation and soul searching.

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