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The Moon is in Gemini and will square Neptune and oppose Saturn in a few hours. There is a lot of commotion out there today. People are preparing to celebrate the holidays and are out and about buying things  they probably don’t need.

The Moon in Gemini individual has an active mind and usually needs a lot of stimulation to stay interested. They are quick-witted and curious and they have a sharp intellect. It can be difficult for the Gemini Moon to deal with the more complex emotions and they would rather ignore difficult feelings. Meditative practices are a great tool to slow down and calm the nervous system.

Today will most likely be filled with agitation and excitement. We can expect a lot of back and forth communication, phone calls and last-minute preparations. With the Moon opposing Saturn later today we might stop and wonder what we are actually doing and why. Take a breather and enjoy the season, watch a movie, start a puzzle do something fun. Pay attention to your internal dialogue and appreciate the moment. Be patient with family, friends and strangers as everyone can be a bit more tense trying to fulfill all of  their obligations.



Reference: 36 Faces by Austin Coppock

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