Sun sign horoscopes cannot replace a proper analysis of your birth chart and transits of the moment. They are meant to be a broad insight into certain time signatures. If you want a more detailed forecast, you can book a reading here. It will be my pleasure to help you unlock and prepare for any upcoming opportunities or challenges. You can also subscribe to my monthly horoscopes here.

*The rising sign is essential in understanding our personal dispositions, please read your Sun sign and Rising sign for extra clarity. Happy explorations!





Your wish to break free and start anew is increasing by the nanosecond. You are tired of your old stomping ground and you want out. This is old news to you, I know.  You have felt this way for some time. The New Moon on December 11th is connecting you to a broadening of possibilities. It might not necessarily be a trip down to Costa Rica but there is an opportunity to widen your horizon and set your sights on something in the distance. This new chapter could very well be connected to a career opportunity. But you need to take part actively and seriously. This reform will only happen if you formulate a plan  like a boss. There is a push and pull between the old and the new.  You are caught between your roots and your wings, between hiding within yourself in the safety of the known and some far away wonderland. You might be able to take a break from your own rebellion and enjoy some sexy times around Christmas. In the mean time, take care of your health, because  being fired up 24/7 is hard on the immune system.


Why is it so complicated when it comes down to sharing? Can’t we just get along? Can’t it just stay simple forever? Can you just do what I ask you to do? Can we forget about the extra hidden costs that come with that privilege? All you really want is your cozy and peaceful corner of the universe. You are not asking for much! Taurus, you like to be  in control because you know what you want.  It’s simple. Confusion arises when you have to give up the stirring weel.  It makes you feel uncomfortable to let someone else guide you. You would rather just do it yourself because you can predict the outcome. But this month, practice surrendering. Why? Because magic happens in the most improbable fashions when we let things unfold. Because beautiful things happen when we learn to open to others in a vulnerable way. This month, you are learning to flex your relating muscles in a whole new way.  You are undergoing a sort of relationship renewal. You are also learning to have faith in others and what they can do for you. Discover new ways of connecting with those who are closest to you. Let them show you what they know. Let them teach you a different way of doing things. Then you can go back to your way of doing things and show the world all the awesome things that you learned in the process.


Can you be wild and free within the confines of the house you have built for yourself? Your partnerships are on the verge of becoming a strange ritualised mating dance that you go through with your eyes closed. Would I dare say that perhaps you are bored? Gemini, you are dreaming of something bigger for yourself. Especially when it comes to the people who are close to your heart and the luke-warm affection they have been delivering. You can probably have what you want, but you need  to communicate specifically.  I know it might be difficult to put in words the exhilaration you are searching for, but try it, I dare you. Be serious about your darkest desires and listen to them. You can’t expect your partner to give you what you dont’t ask for. Cultivating faith and trust will help you keep the communication channels opened. In the meantime, some of the excitement you are looking for might come from groups or friends, associations and wider circles. If I have to take a wild guess, I would say that the most fun you will have this month will be in larger settings. Go out and join the party even if that only means offering your after-party driving services.


Your relationships are transforming, reaching a new level and you’re serious about doing the work that it takes to keep them.  That’s a pretty big statement, but it’s true. When I say : you’re serious about doing the work  I mean you know that faith and wishful thinking alone wont do the trick. You are entering a new phase. Keeping the communication channels wide open with your loved ones will help. Checking in. Your internal and external dialogues have to match.  More than ever, what you whisper in your secret chambers has to be in harmony with what you express externally. To do that, you need your inner landscape to be clean, peaceful and energizing. Can you make time on a daily basis to worship at the altar of the most important temple-your body?  Imagine that what you tell yourself is feeding every single particles that makes YOU. What type of words will you murmur in your prayers to find rooting within your body? Having a strong root system will help in dealing with any curve balls or wind gusts that might come at you from your professional life this month. On a side note, the Full Moon on the 25th is in Cancer. Let other people spoil you a little.


It looks like there is some romantic potential in the air but you are not willing to settle for anybody. You might get some very strong hints but you’re also very busy with your own stuff. You will still need to make some time for your most important relationships. Show your loved ones that you care. Demonstrate what it means to receive your magnificent love and attention.  There is a lot of back and forth communication or negotiation with others this month. If you can finish up on some important project, you might feel like entertaining at your house. That would give you the opportunity to invite someone special along without seeming too demanding. You have been more than dedicated to your work in the last 6 months. Take a break and have some fun, cook supper for friends or have a romantic movie night. Letting out some steam and recharging you battery should be a priority on your agenda. You still have a lot of work on your plate and relaxing might be the way to tap into your creative reservoir. To be at your optimum productive self, you will need to alternate work with pleasure.  It’s a simple equation kick your feet back relax then tackle a difficult task. Take a bath with a glass of bubbly, then you can go out and conquer the world.


I hope that you can appreciate the person you are becoming Virgo and not just how far you still want to go. You are being initiated into your own mysteries in a big way. You have been relentless in the search for your own truth. Not the neighbour’s idea of the truth and not the mainstream media’s lukewarm and already chewed-up idea of the truth. Your very own, shiny and already perfect self is learning to have faith in the power of what you know and how you can use what you know. Don’t lose the perspective you have on your own potential right now.  Me and you both know that you get easily caught up in nit-picking over the smallest details. But right now, you are being asked to have faith in your potential to expand and generate luck for yourself.  Don’t lose your momentum over the things you haven’t figured out yet. It will come. A good exercise for you this month would be to examine your beliefs, their origines and how they influence your decisions. My guess is you are carrying some ideas about yourself and how you should act that have been passed down to you. How much of your opinions about the world have been inherited and how much come from your own experience?  Now is a fantastic time to bring a reform to the inherited beliefs you carry and to align them with your own truth.


The downside of being a Libra is that you are so damn charming, that sometimes others don’t realise you are making an effort. Things seem to come easily to you but it actually takes a lot of your mental faculty to be lovely 24/7. And right now, you need all of your intellectual powers to be focused on what you are trying to achieve. And that means having to be short and not so charming when you need to. People will give you things (like their secrets) because you are warm and inviting and usually, you will graciously indulge them. The thing is, if you spend all of your time making other people feel good you start neglecting yourself. It’s ok sometimes to tell people what you think.  Staying on the surface with others to keep the peace won’t help you AT ALL right now. Revise the way you communicate with others. What are you saying? Because you need to make sure other people understand where you stand and to do that, you will need to communicate clearly. First, you need to check in with yourself: clarify your intentions. You need to make the decision to prioritize yourself, your needs and what YOU value. Then be sure to communicate it to others.  Find the right balance between being overly assertive or too passive with your statements. But the most important part is that you need to stick with it and don’t let other people make you doubt your own intentions.


Alright Scorpio, thanks to your charming disposition this month you can pretty much sneak into any milieu that you wish to be part of. You could be more convincing when it comes to your sales pitch and powers of persuasions. The stage is set to happen in your neighbourhood or close to home. Use it to your advantage and find alliances that can help you further any projects you are working on. You could be busy with proposal, research ideas or analysing all the incoming data, to convey a particular idea or message. This is to a large extent a theme that began in early Fall. But this month, you might be craving a reform on how you go about doing all of those things on a practical level. You might have to let go of some cherished habits to fulfill all your responsibilities. It could be that your need for efficiency is not compatible with some aspects of your routine. It could also be that your body is asking for different foods or different ways to exercise. You might feel like experimenting with different ways to bring your body to an optimum level.  Make sure you remain objective when choosing any school of thoughts, health trends or gurus that claim to have found the truth.


”With great power comes great responsibilities”  is an expression you should keep in mind in the coming months Sagittarius. There are many opportunities available to you at the moment, especially with regard to how you make a living. All that potential has to be channeled wisely though and that might be the tricky part. Your usual way of going about things might not work so well at the moment. Instead of relying on faith and luck alone, you need to set clear goals. I know I have already told you all of this but I will repeat myself.  Creating a tangible plan for a certain vision you have, and drafting a trajectory will help you in attaining it. The New Moon on December 11 is in your sign so it would be a good time to set some clear intentions. All doesn’t need to be so serious though. Keep your creative channels open because some of your best ideas could come quite unexpectedly. The Winter Solstice on the 21st and the Full Moon on the 25th is linked to your core values shedding light on your own hidden motivations. Some elements might need to be let go to lay down a more solid foundation.


Most of the action in your life at the moment is happening behind closed doors. Those closed doors might not even open for you just yet. You can probably get a glimpse though the cracks but you will need a lot of silence and peace around you to see anything. The Winter Solstice is your time of the year and it might take until mid-month for you to see clearly or to hatch a creative project.  Until the 21st, you can prepare the terrain by shedding, cleansing and sweeping any remaining attitude and beliefs that are blocking your path. It doesn’t need to be strenous. In fact, one of the ways you can create space is closely linked to your ability to let go. There are some elements at works that your rational mind might not be able to grasp fully and that is ok. You are undergoing an initiation in the realm of the unseen and it is better to let go of the desire to explain everything.  The time will come when you can process all the incoming synchronicities and verbalise them more clearly. The Full Moon on December 25th highlights your partnerships and some surprises on the home front.


The recognition you are getting from your peers is coming at a cost. Yes, you have a certain edge in your field that is being acknowledge by your community. People are willing to listen to you and what you know and that can be satisfying. But the other side of the coin, is that it is making you re-question your own assumptions and that type of responsibility could feel heavy. Be mindful of the way you communicate with others because it could be taken the wrong way. Stay diplomatic if possible. You are arriving at a cross-road and you will need to make some decisions regarding things you thought were set in stone. You have invested a lot of your time in the last few years on ideas that might not be paying off like you originally thought. This month will require some discrimination between your beliefs and the beliefs of others. Spend some time processing the events of the last few months.   Nothing needs to happen just yet but the cravings for a personal revolution are in the works. Your values are changing and with that the desire for new experiences is also increasing. If it’s possible find some quiet time around the Winter Solstice on the 21st and the Full Moon on the 25th. Your body will thank you.


Pisces, imagine you are like a battery at the moment receiving an electric charge. On one hand, your inner fantasy/spiritual life is fully activated and rich. On the other hand, you are aware of your responsibilities regarding your career and it doesn’t leave much space for disconnecting. You are dealing with two opposite currents. There is a need to reconcile the magic with the mundane. This can mean many things and it all depends on how you use the ”power” that is available to you. An ultra-fast charge or a strenuous discharging is harmful to the life of a battery. Can you handle being part of society, putting yourself out there, being recognized for your contribution and putting in the extra work hours without loosing your good juju? Can you manage the positive and the negative, the charging and the discharging while staying calibrated? Your genius is being acknowledged and that is a big part of why you are busy. People want your unique perspective and it is creating more work for you. Learning to discriminate the essential from the superfluous will help you create more time for yourself. Realigning with your core beliefs about who you are and who you want to be, will sooth and heal your soul. Pleasure and romance are on the radar this month.  Go out and have fun.



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