We are in the midst of Fall season. The Sun and Moon are in the sign of Scorpio. It is a Dark Moon just before the New Moon in Scorpio on November 11. Regeneration is the word.

The sign of Scorpio is often associated with the darker side of life. There is self-control and the emotional nature of this Fixed water sign is often compared to very deep waters with a calm surface; powerful and quiet.


Wherever Scorpio falls in your natal chart, is a part of life where you meet your shadows. Where the deeper undercurrents of obsession, passion and intense emotions get stored. Where you can be preoccupied with survival and control and where there is a tremendous well of will and resilience.

Interesting that both the sign of Scorpio and the scorpion, rely on vibrations from their surroundings to help them determine what is taking place in their environment. The primary concerns being protection, defensiveness and survival at all costs.


The best way to work with the energy of a New Moon is to set some intentions for the month ahead. Let’s look at the major aspects and themes for this New Moon happening at 18º-19º Scorpio, known as one of the most fixed place in the zodiac.

A few hours before the Moon conjoins the Sun (what is known as a New Moon), she will meet up with Mercury at 15º of Scorpio. This might come in the form of strong intuitions or piercing but subtle revelations. The qualities of Mercury in Scorpio is comparable to the ones of a detective. The Moon passing Mercury on her way to the Sun means she will pick up important information on how this renewal needs to happen.  I would suggest paying close attention to your intuition and gut feelings, what is said to you and the meanings behind it. The other less pleasant side of Mercury in Scorpio can be: obsessive or paranoid thinking and seeing a threat where there is none. So you don’t want to over do it either.

The planet Uranus and Chiron are involved with this New Moon which could represent a want to break free of an insecurity. Uranus is often associated with sudden revelations, rebellion, erratic and bizarre behavior, unexpected discoveries, progressive thinking and rebelliousness. Chiron symbolises the ongoing process of learning to trust the inner teacher on our healing journey.

This New Moon in Scorpio is coloured by our very private need to break free of something that is keeping us stagnant, weak or insecure. The sign of Scorpio represents regenerative powers and renewal. The image of shedding an old skin is very strong.  Something that is keeping you in an old way of being is ready to pass from your existence and you might be holding the key.

Because Uranus is in somewhat of a hard aspect to this New Moon and Scorpio is a fixed sign, you could initially resist the change that YOU KNOW need to happen because of its unsettling nature. But Jupiter at 18º of Virgo, in an exact sextile to the New Moon gives us the faith and optimism we need on our moulting journey. Jupiter in Virgo connects us back in a very practical way to our immediate physical needs. It could be as simple as letting go of a bad habit, an insecurity, an old wound.

Mars, the ruler of this New Moon will be at 29º Virgo emphasizing the ability to perceive the weakness in structures. It is in the last decan of Virgo that Mars finds his power to disassemble. (1)

Artwork by Deprise Bescia

”Many important elements of your life may come to an end and pass out of existence now. Let them go, for it is the right time for this to happen, and it will ultimately be good. This is a time to renounce those things, for you will soon discover that you do not really need them anyway. As the old saying goes, we are naked when we come into this world and when we leave it. Therefore what we have inside is important. Now is the time for you to find the strength of what you have inside.”

I wish you a happy New Moon and blessings on your moulting journey!

1. The 36 Faces by Austin Coppock. History, Astrology and Magic of the Decans.

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