The dew covered mirror, a Venus/Neptune tale

Last night, I went walking in the fields with my dog, like I usually do before supper.
Foraging for winter chanterelle I was kneeling in the grass.
When I got low to the ground,  I heard a faint sound like water running.
I thought it was a radio at first, maybe someone had left it behind?
But getting closer, I realised it sounded more organic, like a river.
I followed the melody until it got somewhat distinct.
Hiding among the flowers, leaning on a rock was a tiny fairy no bigger than a cat’s paw.
She was the strangest creature I have ever seen.
Her limbs were so delicate, they looked like angel’s hair.
There was a silvery blue glow around her and a crown was resting on her head.                               She looked exhausted or maybe sleepy, like she had traveled a great distance.

Although she had heavy lids, she stared at me with sparkling eyes, lifting her miniature hand as if to say something. Her voice was faint and I couldn’t tell if she was talking or singing.
There was noise coming from her wings. It was the watery sound I had heard earlier.
She was telling me something but I couldn’t make out the sounds that were coming out of her.

My dog started barking in the distance and I got distracted for a moment.
When I returned, she was gone. The only thing left was a small silver mirror clouded with dew.


I longed for you but when I reached out, there was no one.

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