Mercury retrograde in Libra: The Blindfold, the Heart and the Scales

In order to understand Mercury in Libra and what the retrograde might bring up, let’s look at Libra for a moment.

Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac and is often depicted as the scales of justice. A cardinal air sign, masculine or yang means that this sign is active and initiating in comparison to the feminine signs that are more receptive and passive.

From an evolutionary point of view, Libra is associated with the integration of the individual through relationships. The first flames of the egoic self (Aries) has developed to a stage where it is ready to step outside of its immediate needs to accommodate another person.

Libra thinks (Air) in terms of polarities meaning that to understand itself, the individual requires  external feedback. Relationships becomes a central piece that holds the identity together. Feedback becomes a building block for the ego. Libra will accommodate the other since the other is needed to develop self-understanding.

Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty rules the sign of Libra which certainly helps this sign relating and establishing partnerships. There is a strong connection to symmetry, harmony, how things should be and in its more superficial manifestations it becomes how things should look.

The scales measures and weighs to find fairness and equilibrium. The middle ground between me and you, between us and them. The decision making process becomes a lengthy affair.

Heart & Mind

One would think that being so preoccupied with balance makes Libra well calibrated but going from one extreme to another is essential in finding the middle path.

Why is Justice blindfolded?

The depiction of justice balancing the scales dates back to the Goddess Isis of ancient Egypt. She is often seen carrying a double-edged sword in her right hand, symbolizing the power of reason and justice, which may be wielded either for or against any party. Justice is also depicted wearing a blindfold representing objectivity. Justice is or should be met objectively without fear or favour, regardless of money, wealth, power, or identity.

Justitia by Maerten van Heemskerck, 1556

Mercury retrograde in Libra 

Mercury is associated with the mind and our reasoning capabilities. The ability to speak and share our experience. Communicating and connecting two separate entities, language allows us to close the gap.

Mercury in Libra has a lot to do with feedback. Time is spent in a back and forth dialogue smoothing things over and making sure the other person received correctly what we are trying to convey. A diplomatic mission.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it is thought to be a time of revision. In Libra the mind turns towards the other. What connects you to another person and how the other person receives you.
Re-calibrating our message so that we can be better understood within our relationships. We already spent a good part of the summer revising our needs within our relationships with Venus retrograde in Leo.  The Venus retrograde helped us identify our hearts desires. With Mercury going retrograde in Libra, it could mean a time of measuring how our relationships are bringing us (or not) what our heart desires. Having our needs recognized by someone else means being able to communicate them clearly. It could also be about rationalizing our desires and the push and pull between reason and the heart.

Relationships are a balancing act. We can never take them for granted. And we can never take for granted that the other understands us. When we involve ourselves with another human, we take a chance.  We take a chance at being misunderstood but we also take a chance at being understood.  And that is one of the most rewarding side effect of being willing to team up. No one is an island.

The story continues.

Johfra Bosschart

On a collective level, Mercury retrograde in Libra points it swords towards the injustice of the world. Equal rights for man and woman, equal rights for people of all nations. The discomfort is growing everyday as we become aware through social media of the huge gap between rich and poor, between rich countries and third world nations. Our selfish ways are highlighted and it is quite embarrassing. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of many dialogue going on at the moment.  What differentiate you from them? Why is it that you are sitting in your comfortable life watching on a screen thousands of people fighting for the lives? And how are your decisions affecting these injustice and imbalance? Are we rationalizing tragedies to the point of becoming morbidly aloof?


When our attention turns towards fairness and justice, the inequalities are striking. Our societies have built so many laws in order to keep the peace. The corridors of bureaucracy are rotting and the system that is supposed to serve us have become an intricate way to avoid direct responsibility. Our objectivity and impassive posture towards injustice is becoming our downfall. We can apply those same ideas to our personal relationships.
Perhaps the blindfold of objective reason has become a weakness?

Hope by George Frederic Watts, 1886


Mercury Retrograde Dates 

Sept 17 Mercury Station Retrograde at 15º Libra. 6.09pm UT, 2.09 pm EDT, 11.09am PDT
Sept 24 Mercury square Pluto.
Sept 28 Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aries.
Sept 30 Mercury conjunct Sun. (Cazimi 10.38am UT, 3.38am EDT, 0.38 am PDT)
Oct 2 Mercury conjunct Black Moon Lilith
Oct 9 Mercury Station Direct at 0º Libra. 2.57pm UT, 10.57 am EDT, 7.57am PDT
Oct 22 Mercury square Pluto.
Oct 23 Mercury out of the shadow zone at 15º Libra

5 thoughts on “Mercury retrograde in Libra: The Blindfold, the Heart and the Scales

  1. grayastrology September 19, 2015 / 1:35 am

    Hi Elodie, I enjoyed reading your reflections on this potent Mercury retrograde. Also just wanted to share that as Mercury was stationing I received a book in the mail I had ordered that is a Mercury retrograde book for me- “The Practice of Dream Healing” by Edward Tick. The front cover image is the same painting “Hope” that closes your post. Just thought that was interesting cause when I looked at the book and that image I thought of the Mercury retrograde. all my best, Gray


    • Elodie Miaow September 19, 2015 / 2:06 am

      Hi Gray! Thank you for the feedback 😉 it is always appreciated. That is a fascinating coincidence?


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