Love poem from Geb to Nut

O Nut! You became a spirit,
you waxed mighty in the belly of your mother Tefnut before you were born.
How mighty is your heart!
You stirred in the belly of your mother in your name of Nut,
you are indeed a daughter more powerful than your mother…
O Great One who has become the Sky!
You have the mastery, you have filled every place with your beauty,
the whole earth lies beneath you, you have taken possession thereof,
you have enclosed the whole earth and everything therein within your arms,
As Geb I shall impregnate you in your name of sky,
I shall join the whole earth to you in every place.
O high above the earth! You are supported upon your father Shu,
but you have power over him,
he so loved you that he placed himself – and all things beside- beneath you.


Poem spoken by Geb to his wife Nut in the Pyramid Texts

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