The lure of Neptune

When the God himself comes fishing for you
In an ashram or through the vapours of the barbiturates
You probably won’t realize that it’s happening
Loosing yourself in the vastness of beauty.

Neptune being the higher octave of Venus
Seeking the ultimate radiance of love
Freedom from matter

He touches your soul with an indescriptible peace
Disconnecting from yourself,
you enter the eyes
of the collective godhead,
merging with the universal heartbeat.

Many waters can lead you to him…. eventually.
An angry river, a tide or a calm pond
But you have to drown to be touch by him
Relinquishing your own rhythm
Like a mystic; naked and empty
A drunk in a ethylic slumber
The eyes of a seer, a hint of blue smoke behind the awareness

The dream in a dream
The love of love
Giving and forgiving
Faith becomes delusion
The exit door
Onto an image
On a screen
reflecting the dreams
of a generation.


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